Free Dotimatrix 3 font

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1. ReadMe.txt 1 Kb
2. dotimatrix.3.ttf 67 Kb Dotimatrix 3
3. dotimatrix.5.ttf 82 Kb Dotimatrix 3
4. dotimatrix.7.ttf 97 Kb Dotimatrix 3


Dotimatrix is a font family consisting of three fonts: one whose maximum dimensions are three by seven (Dotimatrix 3) as seen in the preview, another which is five by seven (Dotimatrix 5) and the last whose dimensions are seven by seven (Dotimatrix 7). Complete character set? Sure — all three have plenty of accented characters and major currency symbols. And, er, yes, the name Dotimatrix is a play on words. Enjoy!

dotimatrix.3.ttf, Dotimatrix 3, dotimatrix-3, , dotimatrix.3.ttf, dotimatrix.5.ttf, dotimatrix.7.ttf