Free TeX Gyre Heros font


TeX Gyre Heros can be used as a replacement for a popular font Helvetica, also known as Swiss (prepared by Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann, 1957, at the Haas Type Foundry).

Copyright 2006, 2009 for TeX Gyre extensions by B. Jackowski and J.M. Nowacki (on behalf of TeX users groups). This work is released under the GUST Font License -- see for details.

texgyreheros.gyreheros-regular.otf, TeX Gyre Heros, tex-gyre-heros, , texgyreheros.gyreheros-regular.otf, texgyreheros.gyreheros-italic.otf, texgyreheros.gyreheros-bold.otf, texgyreheros.gyreheros-bolditalic.otf, texgyreheros.gyreheroscondensed-regular.otf, texgyreheros.gyreheroscondensed-italic.otf, texgyreheros.gyreheroscondensed-bold.otf, texgyreheros.gyreheroscondensed-bolditalic.otf