Free SF Telegraphic font

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1. ShyFoundry Freeware EULA.pdf 89 Kb
2. telegraphic.bold-italic.ttf 95 Kb SF Telegraphic
3. telegraphic.bold.ttf 92 Kb SF Telegraphic
4. telegraphic.italic.ttf 89 Kb SF Telegraphic
5. telegraphic.light-bold-italic.ttf 77 Kb SF Telegraphic
6. telegraphic.light-bold.ttf 100 Kb SF Telegraphic
7. telegraphic.light-italic.ttf 76 Kb SF Telegraphic
8. telegraphic.light.ttf 95 Kb SF Telegraphic
9. telegraphic.regular.ttf 88 Kb SF Telegraphic


A unique typeface made entirely of irregular dots, SF Telegraphic contains lowercase and uppercase characters, numbers, and a limited amount of punctuation.

The commercial license for the SF Telegraphic font package includes all of the above fonts in both TrueType and OpenType formats with print / preview embedding enabled. To view our Commercial End User License Agreement, click here.

Purchase SF Telegraphic Commercial License.

For additional information about the usage of this font, please read the included ShyFoundry Freeware EULA or visit our site at

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